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  • space for movement; “room to pass”; “make way for”; “hardly enough elbow room to turn around”
  • Space that can be occupied or where something can be done, esp. viewed in terms of whether there is enough
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Day# 87- Every puzzle has a missing piece to be found

Day# 87- Every puzzle has a missing piece to be found
sorry i didnt edit this pic.
saturday- HOMECOMING! ooh soo much fun. we won for the first time in anywhere from 16-8 years, basically for a real long time.
so me and sarath met up at like 9 30 in the morning and got breakfast at the deli and ate it on the side of the highschool. it was so nice. it was chilly out but like perfect fall homecoming weather. we walked around homecoming and met up with tons of our friends. chatting around and sarath bought me german candy which i <3. and so then we chilled for a bit, and left before the game. just cuz i dont like football. and we went to the mall after my dad came to pick us up and probably saw us passionately kissing on the street corner we were on. which was kinda embarrassing. he dropped us off at the mall where we met up with my mom. we helped her carry the stuff she bought out to her car and we went to the bead store. yeah, me and sarath and my mom went to the bead store. it was a lot of fun. im really really likin this whole, me, sarath, my mom thing. like its really nice to go out with her and my boyfriend and have it be totally comfortable. it feels like a family outing, its so awesome.
so then we went back to my house and me and sarath had a lovely nap in my room. we spent about 4 hours in my room, thats why i have a pic of me in my bed as my 365 today. it was a loot of time. i felt bad about wasting that much time, but it was actually quite lovely. getting to know each other in a more in depth way, it was good.

but then we wanted to get OUT OF MY ROOM- suffereing from cabin fever, and hungry from the afternoons activities, we ran off to the mall, IKEA, and ate hotdogs and wat not. then went home and i made everyone peach cobbler. then we went searching for a board game. i found all my old stuffed animals. [hence the carebear in the corner of the pic] and we ended up playing monopoly. we get very competative and angry when we play games with each other. but it was fun. for the record, i had 2 monoplies, including boardwalk and the other blue one, and i had 4 houses and 1 hotel, and i had both utilities and a railroad. he had no monopolies, and said he won… pshsh. but it was fun.
: )

German Tourists

German Tourists
Two German tourists I met on the road during the Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford cycle race. The girl stopped for a chat and told me they were cycling to Cahir that day. They were using the back roads for the best scenery. I hope they had a nice cycling holiday.